StandUp Media was founded in December, 2016 in the aftermath of the US Presidential election. The name was chosen to inspire others to defend, protect and promote equal rights, economic justice and the environment.

StandUp Media is a web platform for community stories about connection and hope in uncertain times. The stories will appear as podcasts, video interviews, articles and photo essays and will focus on people who mentor and care for others, on those who help bridge differences and those who work in positive ways to promote solutions that make the community better for all.

Cie Cary was born and raised in Ohio and has lived in Sonoma County since 2006 after retiring as an educator on the East coast. She is a Sonoma County Master Gardener and volunteers in her community. Cie is a photographer and has produced a number of videos. She has a keen interest in capturing people’s stories.

Electra de Peyster was born and raised in Los Angeles and has lived in Sonoma County since 1992. She has worked in the plant world since 1980 as a garden designer, educator, seed saver, photographer and community volunteer. She is the founder of SeedStewards, a project that promotes seed saving as one part of a sustainable future.